We use a life Cycle Approach to Project Management

Through our expertise, attention to detail, and understanding of the life cycle costs of capital expenditures; we save you time and money.
Project Management

Project Management is vital. With so many different departments involved in a single project, problems may occur. By managing from concept to implementation we can integrate several services and reduce costly mistakes. We partner with trade expertise. For example, we work with electrical and data services to provide high and low voltage solutions ranging from heavy industrial to fiber optics to simple networking.

Engineering & Design

Many projects require customization and technical assistance. From simple designs to the most technically complex installation projects we provide compressive design services. We utilize in house design services using 3D modeling software. Through this process we inform decisions before errors are made, and cost incurred. You can see the finished project, through rendering, before spending money.


Beginning with fully trained personnel in both the task at hand, and with safety, Trade Sync offers efficient, on time installations. Our highly experienced team is capable of performing a wide array of installation services. Our team has taken on the most challenging installs in North America, and will bring that expertise to your project. Our install knowledge ranges from the transit industry to architectural installations to signage to digital media.


We provide in house manufacturing solutions of all types of custom mounting hardware and display stands. This allows for a quick turnaround on the projects for our clients. The products benefit from our in house design expertise. Each product is designed to meet the need of demanding situations.


Your sign or structure represents your company and creates that crucial first impression. We offer comprehensive preventive maintenance programs for your investment, as well as emergency response service. Whatever your signage or structure we will develop a plan with you. We want to keep your company looking sharp to potential customers.


A successful project needs a proper survey. Trade Sync utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure dimensions are accurate so that design and engineering can cater to site conditions. This allows us to force obstacles and provide a resolution before showing up for an install.

We have you covered

Trade Sync is fully licensed, bonded and insured for all of your project needs. This provides peace of mind that we do the job right, on time and in budget.